Bolducs Camp Apparel


Bolduc’s Camp Apparel has provided quality apparel to summer camps and programs for more than twenty years. Our customers are the absolute best and can’t say enough about our quality and service:

Quick Response

Bolduc’s Camp Apparel understood that camp is just so short, so they were responsive, creative and had such a quick turnaround time!

Great Service

I would recommend Bolduc’s Camp Apparel for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I like the one-on-one service and the ability to create unique designs for our camp (rather than using ’ stock artwork ’ ). I enjoy the collaborative creative process with their art department. Their team is easy to work with, and I appreciate the personal attention.

Increase Sales

This past year was our most successful. That is when we switched to Bolduc’s Camp Apparel for our store apparel. We sold more apparel, had better quality and faster delivery from order to door than ever before. This was important because everything was flying off the shelf. We increased camp store sales by 14% last year.